The Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog 

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog  Crate usage for dogs sometimes gets a bad rep. Some people get the wrong idea on how to properly use crates, and their idea of using a crate seems “cruel” or “unfair”. There are ways to use a crate in a cruel or unfair way, but that is … Continued

Potty Training at Any Age

Potty Training at Any Age When we think about dogs and potty training, we often visualize puppies learning housebreaking — pee pads scattered in different areas of the house, perhaps a crate set up to help the puppy learn to hold it in, or a bottle of enzyme-killing, deodorizer pet cleaner nearby the puppy’s favorite … Continued

Why Don’t We Recommend Board and Train?

Why Don’t We Recommend Board and Train?  For those that are new to the world of professional dog training, know that you have many options to choose from! Your dog that is exhibiting behavioral issues most likely needs some structure and professional training exercises to help them learn more appropriate behaviors suited to their life … Continued

Working Dogs Gotta Work!

Working Dogs Gotta Work!  For all different dogs, no matter the breed, they need some exercise and activity in their lives. Some breeds may not need a ton (i.e.: English Bulldog, Pug, Greyhound, etc), while other breeds require more (i.e.: Shepherds, Retrievers, Collies, etc). There are certain breeds that are distinguished as “working dogs”, meaning … Continued

Real World Dog Training

Real World Dog Training  Our Austin dog training is about helping dogs find behavioral balance in their life, and their owners learning how to lead their dogs to success. At Longhorn Dog Training Austin, we offer and believe in in-home dog training, but we also believe in real-world dog training. What does this mean exactly? … Continued

Resolving Leash Aggression

Resolving Leash Aggression Here at Longhorn Dog Training we frequently help dogs exhibiting lease aggression. Living in the Austin area, everywhere you go with your dog you’re sure to run into at least one other dog and their owner. Leash aggression can be scary and lead to not being able to trust your dog around … Continued

Why is In-home Training the Best? Here’s Why!

Why is In-home Training the Best? Here’s Why! The one style we recommend most, is in-home dog training. Do you know why in-home training is the best form of dog training there is? Here are some key factors: Behavioral issues of a dog are closely related to the relationship that the dog has with its … Continued

Don’t Wait to Begin Training! Get Started NOW!

Don’t Wait to Begin Training! Get Started NOW! Like your dog’s medical health, behavioral health is not something you should postpone. Getting your dog trained should be at the top of the priority list, right next to getting checked out at the vet and getting their bag of dog food. Even if your dog isn’t … Continued

Rescue Dogs Need Training, Not Coddling

Rescue Dogs Need Training, Not Coddling Some dogs begin their relationship with their owner when they’re a puppy, but, unfortunately, there are some dogs that haven’t had the luxury of having one owner or a stable environment with an owner that treats them in a positive way. The Austin area is home to great shelters … Continued

How Do Bad Behaviors Form?

How Do Bad Behaviors Form? Some of the worst dog behaviors seemingly come out of nowhere. I have had many clients explain how their dog was fine for awhile, and then all of sudden, they randomly become wild, poorly behaved, aggressive, etc. I’ve had common stories where owners are scratching their head, wondering why their … Continued