Rescue Dogs Need Training, Not Coddling

Some dogs begin their relationship with their owner when they’re a puppy, but, unfortunately, there are some dogs that haven’t had the luxury of having one owner or a stable environment with an owner that treats them in a positive way. The Austin area is home to great shelters and rescues that are devoted to rehabilitating dogs that have had a rough start to their lives, finding them their true “forever home.” Adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter is a thoughtful, compassionate act that truly proves that humans can be a dog’s savior.

Longhorn Dog Training Austin knows providing structure and guidance is the best way to be a good dog owner!Longhorn Dog Training works with many dogs that have been adopted from rescues and shelters. It’s not at all uncommon for an adopted dog to have a number of behavioral issues that surface as a result of their upbringing and previous home environment (or the lack of ever having a home environment). Owners of adopted dogs often think that their dog’s poor behavior is more justified or acceptable because of their dog’s past. This line of thought leads to owners allowing their dogs to misbehave and regularly exhibit unacceptable behavior because they simply don’t want to cause further stress or trauma to their dog.

Understandably, people often project human emotions onto their dogs. They try to view the world from their dog’s perspective—imagining the hardships they have faced—and they come to believe that their new companions feel as they imagine they do. This at least helps them to explain what’s happening with their dog. These dog owners sometimes decide not to address their dog’s behavior directly in hopes that they can avoid causing their dog further pain or sadness. They allow the behavior to continue, and allowing bad behavior to continue is always the wrong thing to do. Coddling a dog with bad behaviors is not going to help the dog in the long run because the behaviors are never really addressed (and are instead reinforced).

Rescue and shelter dogs with issues like aggression, anxiety, and hyperactivity do not need coddling; they need clear, consistent training that directly addresses their problems. Our rewards-based, in-home dog training has worked wonders for dogs from shelters and rescues because it involves creating a customized training plan that is built specifically for you and your dog’s unique situation.

We are especially fond of training rescue and shelter dogs because the work is so meaningful and fulfilling for everyone involved. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a dog change for the better and go on to live a happy stress-free life with its new family. Call us if you’d like to discuss our training programs 800-649-7297, or send us an e-mail here.