Resolving Leash Aggression

Here at Longhorn Dog Training we frequently help dogs exhibiting lease aggression. Living in the Austin area, everywhere you go with your dog you’re sure to run into at least one other dog and their owner. Leash aggression can be scary and lead to not being able to trust your dog around others. This takes all the fun out of living in such a dog-centered place like Austin. We don’t want you to be wary of taking your dog out on the leash. We’re here to help!

Our Austin dog training programs will get your dog's leash aggression under control now!

Walking your dog should be enjoyable!

Leash aggression is no mystery to Longhorn Dog Training. We begin the process of training your dog to be comfortable on the leash by building a strong foundation through in-home training and moving out into outside environments. We will teach you how to establish a relationship of trust and respect between you and your canine friend by making them understand the roles you both play.

Often times a dog’s aggression on the leash is caused by them thinking they need to handle the different situations you come across (by barking, growling, lunging). Our in-home training teaches your dog to instead rely on you to handle these situations. Once this foundation is created, we move out of the home to slowly introduce the triggers for their aggression. Once they pass all of the “tests” for their new understanding we can move further, into more trying situations. The outcome is a dog that you no longer have to worry about, a dog that is no longer worrying themselves over what to do about all of the outside influences they encounter while you’re out and about together.

We train dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments. We’ve never encountered a dog that we couldn’t help. Longhorn Dog Training utilizes a method that has seen success across the country and for nearly three decades. Our training is commitment-based, meaning we stick with you until all of your training goals are met. There is no set number of lessons. We want you to be comfortable enough with your new skills and know-how that you are able to be the trainer yourself, and we’ll be there to support you in that journey.

Don’t let your dog’s leash aggression stop you from getting outside and enjoying the wonderful dog culture that we have here in Austin. Call us today at 512.647.2130 and our behavioral specialists can help you get started. Or, if you prefer, get in touch with us via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!