Why is In-home Training the Best? Here’s Why!

The one style we recommend most, is in-home dog training. Do you know why in-home training is the best form of dog training there is? Here are some key factors: Behavioral issues of a dog are closely related to the relationship that the dog has with its family members (owner/other pets) and then, the dog’s lifestyle in its given environment. Given your dog may be in your home most of the time, and of course around you most of the time as well, in-home training offers significant amounts of improvement in your dog’s life and yours too!

Our Austin dog training programs are designed to set your dog up for success!What are some of the issues that in-home dog training can address?

  • Disobedience: following commands such as “come”, “sit”, “stay”, and even correcting things like running away or towards people or things.
  • Aggression: human aggression, dog aggression, possessiveness, and more.
  • Anxiety: restlessness, fearfulness, separation, hyperactivity, nervousness
  • Puppy training: potty training, learning basic commands, leash walking
  • Multi-pet household: co-existing with other animals and other dogs, training multiple dogs at once
  • Poor manners: unnecessary barking, chewing destructively, jumping on guests, nipping at humans or other animals

By starting in-home training, you are giving yourself and your dog the best chance at living and loving together, peacefully and respectfully. As much as we love our dogs, allowing certain behaviors to persist can create an environment that is not conducive to a healthy and happy relationship between owners and even other pets and human guests. If you are having hesitations about whether or not it is too soon, too late, or just timid about starting in-home training, we assure you that getting over the short period of “the hard part” will be more than worth your time once you see and feel your dog’s relationship become harmonized. Give us a call at 512.647.2130 to learn more!