Learn ALL About Longhorn Dog Training Austin TX!

At Longhorn Dog Training Austin, we strive to help all dogs of all different backgrounds in the Austin area. We will accept dogs of any breed, age, size, and temperament into any of our diverse training programs. An expert in canine behavior and training, we will help your dog find behavioral balance, and restore peace and harmony in the home for you and your dog.

Many of the calls and e-mails we receive are those from owners that are at the end of their rope with their dog’s problematic behavior. Anxiety is one of the main causes of behavioral problems for dogs, and it can cause multiple problems such as destructive behavior, potty accidents, and even aggressive behaviors. Many dog trainers will refuse to work with an aggressive dog, but we are always ready to step up and help you and your dog overcome ANY behavioral issue!

The training programs at Longhorn Dog Training are primarily in-home, so that owners can be part of their dog’s behavioral growth, while also learning to become master handlers and leaders for their dog.

We offer puppy training, basic obedience, behavior modification, aggression training and rehabilitation, and also a custom training program designed for expecting parents. At different locations in the Austin area, we also teach group classes, using the comprehensive Practical Pet Protocol as the base curriculum.

If your dog suffers from these…we can help!

  • Anxiety (separation from owner, crate, new environments, loud sounds, potty accidents, etc)
  • Aggression (human, dog, food, fear, cat, leash, child, sibling, etc)
  • General Disobedience (no recall, “selective hearing” with commands, poor manners)
  • Excessive Behaviors (chewing, barking, digging, other destructive behaviors)
  • Hyperactivity (non-stop running, jumping, counter-surfing, etc)

Does your dog need training?

…then don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can help you get these issues under control! Longhorn Dog Training Austin can be reached at 512.647.2130.