Meet Expert Austin Dog Trainer – Bryan Swindle

Professional and Experienced in Dog Behavior 


Bryan Swindle has been a dog lover and animal advocate for all his life, volunteering at animal shelters and helping friends and family train their dogs. Originally from Southern California, Bryan moved to Austin in 2015 and soon realized his dream to become a certified professional dog trainer. After much self-studying and research, Bryan found out about Canine Trade Group and contacted the founder, John Van Olden. After being accepted into the Canine Trade Group’s rigorous dog trainer’s course, Bryan earned his certification and returned to Austin to embark on his professional dog training career and journey.

Bryan works with all families in Austin and in surrounding cities. He loves Austin for its friendly, vibrant citizens, and for the city’s pet-friendly attitude. As an Austin dog trainer, Bryan’s goal is to improve the life of every dog, and their relationship with their owner while resolving any behavioral issues. While not busy training, Bryan stays busy at home with his two beautiful daughters, his wonderful girlfriend, and their sweet Pit Bull.

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