Meet Expert Austin Dog Trainer 

Professional and Experienced in Dog Behavior 

Rob Bonstin – Head Trainer

Rob Bonstin developed a profound love for dogs and all animals at an early age. His family had a dog or a cat through every stage of his formative years. As an adult, Rob continued the tradition by always having a pet in the house. He simply doesn’t know life without an animal counterpart!

Of course, he learned quite a bit about proper care and training while caring for his pets. Pumpkin, a rescued Miniature Pinscher, has been a major source of knowledge when it comes to figuring out how each individual dog has different requirements as far as care and training.

But Rob didn’t decide to stop at learning his own dog’s needs; he decided to follow his passion and become a certified trainer so he could help other dog owners, too.

Dog training is a common second career. Most people start out life as animal lovers but never think to make a career out of it. After making a living as a film and television editor in the visual effects field, Rob decided to do just that by moving into the world of dog training.

Thanks to a comprehensive program from Canine Trade Group, Rob has officially turned his passion for animals into this new career as a dog trainer. Through the program, he’s learned the fundamentals of canine behavior and science-based training techniques, making him a successful trainer of all types of dogs.

No matter your dog’s age, disposition, or current level of obedience, Rob with Longhorn Training is here to make your training experience a breeze!

Austin Dog Trainer