Meet Expert Austin Dog Trainer 

Professional and Experienced in Dog Behavior 

Kristin Murison -Head Trainer

Kristen has always had an affinity for animals. From a very young age, she knew she connected with and was truly passionate about animals. It was not until she was older, however, that she realized she could translate this passion into a career.

Kristin’s path led her to try and succeed in many different fields on her path to finding her true calling. She coached children in competitive figure skating, worked as an assistant at a new home construction company showing model houses and helping with sales, and even worked as a Human Resources assistant throughout her time attending The University of Delaware, where she graduated with a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures (specializing in Italian studies). Kristin excelled in roles where she could interact with and help people, but still felt she wasn’t being challenged enough and that she was not reaching her full potential.

After college, Kristin moved to Wilmington, Delaware and it was there that her life path revealed itself. She was fortunate enough to live across the street from a dog park and an entrance to a beautiful state park with winding hiking trails. She got her first dog, a shy 4 month old rescue she named Ember Roo. In order to have Ember at her apartment, Kristin’s landlord requested that she pay a pet fee until she and Ember could pass the Canine Good Citizen test and show proof of Ember’s training. Ember was eager to learn and her loyalty and unconditional love opened Kristin’s mind back up to the possibility of working with animals as a career. They worked hard to achieve the goal of the Canine Good Citizen Certification and didn’t stop there. They have since earned both Novice and Intermediate titles in AKC Trick Dog, and taken classes in Rally-Obedience, Novice Agility, Therapy Dog certification, and even classes in canine fitness. Kristin’s bond with Ember and the experiences they shared during training, learning and growing together as a team, made Kristin realize that she wanted to help foster that bond between other dogs and their humans.

Kristin began working professionally with animals as a veterinary assistant in 2017, working exclusively with dogs and cats at a busy 3 vet hospital. She also began to work as a dog walker and pet sitter. She realized this work felt more fulfilling than her days of sitting in an office and that she could really make an impact on the lives of people and their pets. Through her work as an assistant technician and a pet sitter, Kristin gained a lot of practical hands on experience with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. She even earned a certification in Canine and Feline First Aid and CPR.

Although being a veterinary assistant was a rewarding and exciting career, Kristin’s experiences while training her own dog had given her a dream that she always knew was her ultimate goal- to train dogs professionally.

Kristin and Ember packed up and moved to Austin, Texas in April of 2019 after researching the top dog friendly cities in America and landing on one that truly felt like home. In Austin, Kristin quickly obtained a job as a dog handler at a prestigious daycare and boarding facility. This gave her additional training and hands on experience with dogs outside of a medical or one on one setting. In this role, Kristin learned how to properly observe behaviors of groups of dogs, how to pair dogs into safe play groups, and how to monitor for, manage, and prevent dog fights and injuries. She began to work with dogs with very different personalities, different sets of behaviors, and different challenges from what she faced with her own dog.

During her time as a dog handler, Kristin became connected with John Van Olden, director of Canine Trade Group, and her dreams of becoming a dog trainer became tangible. Kristin delights in working with dogs and enhancing the bonds between a dog and its person. She believes all dogs benefit from training, regardless of age, size, breed, or temperament. Dogs are smarter than people often give them credit for. They are fiercely loyal and eager to please us. Dogs enjoy training because it is time they get to spend with their favorite person in the world- their owner! When dogs and their people work together as a team, they can accomplish incredible things. Kristin hopes to share this passion and this vision with her clients and to help them have the best relationship they can with their furry friend.