Austin Dog Training Programs

Results Based Dog Training in Austin

Your Longhorn Dog Training Austin experience begins with an in-home consultation. We’ll speak with you on the phone to get an idea of the type of problem you’re experiencing with your dog, and then we’ll send our trainer to your house. This gives our trainer an opportunity to observe the behavior in person and get a better sense of the kind of training necessary to get life with your furry friend back on track.


Customized, Private Training Programs

This part of the process is the same for all of Longhorn Dog Training Austin’s programs. All of our programs take place within the home, and they are all customizable. We offer basic in-home training for behavioral problems like leash-pulling, hyperactivity, anxiety, crate training, basic obedience training, housebreaking, etc. We have a puppy program for puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger who may be in need of basic obedience training and who suffer from common puppy problems like mouthing, barking, separation anxiety, housebreaking, etc. We also offer a program for aggressive dogs, which involves identifying the root of the aggression and tackling the problem as a team.

Owner involvement is a key part of any training process. Your dog will rely on consistency and dedication to really learn what is expected of him, and for the training to take hold he must learn to view you with the same respect he views us. In a sense, we will be making you the pack leader so you can guide your dog’s behavior more easily. For this reason, part of our process is gauging your commitment to the training regimen we create for you.

Why In-Home Training?

At the same time, in-home training allows you to have a say that regimen. We take your thoughts and lifestyle into consideration when creating our plan. We want this to work as much as you do, so we will do everything we can to see you and your dog succeed. Your involvement will be an invaluable part of your dog’s training. After the training goals are met, it’s up to you to ensure the new behavior remains a permanent fixture.

How to Get Started

Ready to learn more about our programs? Click through the tabs above for more in-depth information on each program, or give us a call at 512.647.2130. We can also be reached via e-mail.