Austin Aggressive Dog Training Programs 

Canine aggression is tough to deal with. Owners of aggressive dogs are more stressed, less social, and more likely to surrender or euthanize their dog than those dealing with any other behavior problem. It’s no wonder. An aggressive dog can’t be brought around other people or dogs, so the owner either doesn’t have visitors or keeps the dog crated. The idea of paying hospital/vet bills because the dog bit a person or animal is a source of constant worry. It may seem like the only option is to surrender the dog or put it down.

Behavior change is possible!

Longhorn Dog Training asks you to wait. Give training your dog a try, or—if you’ve already tried training—give it another try. We’re different, we’re dedicated, and we want to see you succeed.

Our trainers don’t shy away from any canine behavior problems, including aggression. We know your dog wasn’t born aggressive, that it’s not an inherent trait belonging to an individual dog or breed. It is simply behavior, and behavior can be modified.

The first step in our aggressive dog training program is an in-home consultation, which gives us a chance to see the type of behavior your dog is exhibiting and identify the trigger. Common aggression triggers include:

Dogs (strangers or siblings, on the leash or in the home)
Humans (strangers, friends, family members)
Fear (loud noises, large people/animals, sudden movements, etc.)
Maternal instinct (a new mother protecting puppies)
Will to dominate (instinctive desire to become the leader)

Why does aggression occur?

Your dog may be experiencing aggression because the foundation for non-aggressive behavior wasn’t established early enough or because he was mishandled by a past owner. Whatever the reason, we can fix it. You and your trainer will work as a team to establish you as the leader, as someone your dog will trust and respect, using unique positive reinforcement training.

So before considering drastic measures, consider us. Give us a call to learn more about what we can do for your unique situation. Our number is 512.647.2130, and we can also be reached by e-mail.