Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents in Austin

Are you expecting a child and are concerned about how your pup might react to this major change? Have you recently had a baby, and your dog just isn’t interacting well with him/her? Do you think that your dog and infant will not be able to co-exist peacefully together? These are common worries that many dog owners and parents might experience, and this is why Longhorn Dog Training has developed the Cribs and Canines expecting parents training program.

How Does Cribs & Canines Work?

Cribs & Canines is designed to prepare your dog for the imminent changes that come with pregnancy and a new baby. The home environment will change, and this could impact the dog in many different ways. Jealousy may arise over the baby, as the little tyke will probably be getting all of the attention once he/she is in the house. The dog may not understand that the baby is not another puppy to pick up, and that the baby is CERTAINLY NOT a chew doll! Behavioral problems that seemed insignificant before baby, like hyperactivity and mild food aggression, may seem overwhelming now.

Longhorn Dog Training is here to help you, your dog, and your baby adjust and find a harmonious household all together. We can come to your home, evaluate the situation, and design a plan around your dog and your lifestyle. Place training can teach your dog to retreat to his/her own designated spot on command, allowing you to handle the baby without having the dog in your space. We can teach you to use the leash as a communication tool during basic obedience training and walks, so you can still have a nice walk with your dog on the leash, and your baby napping in the stroller.

Let's Get Started Now!

Your child’s safety is our number one concern, and we also wish for your dog to still be able to live in the home and welcome in the new family member appropriately. Together, we can make this happen! Just call 512.647.2130 today to set up your in-home consultation.