In-Home Dog Training Programs in Austin

Longhorn Dog Training outperforms every other dog training company in the Austin, Texas area. How do we manage this? Quite simply, we choose to put the dog and his owner above everything else. We focus strictly on the task at hand in a comfortable, familiar environment, rather than on several people and dogs in a strange location.

In-home training has proven to be effective when working with the following canine behavior issues:

Aggression (dog, human, sibling, leash, fear, possessiveness, will to dominate, maternal)
Poor leash behavior (pulling, barking, chewing)
Poor greeting behavior (running, jumping, licking, barking, scratching)
Excessive barking, chewing, digging
Basic obedience (sit, stay, down, heel, come)
Puppy training

What is our training background?

Thanks to our background in canine psychology and training methods, we really can handle any problem that comes our way. We customize the in-home training program to fit your training goals and your dog’s needs. This is part of what makes the in-home consultation such an important part of the process—we get to meet you in person and observe your dog’s problem behavior ourselves. Then we can make sure we’re recommending the most effective training techniques.

Why is in-home the best?

Though group training classes are better than no training at all, they still aren’t as effective as in-home training. Group training lacks the one-on-one focus of in-home training, and it takes your dog out of his/her normal environment. This is a problem because it can cause anxiety in your dog, and the training takes place away from your dog’s usual distractions and behavioral triggers. This means the training could be less effective when you take your dog back home.

Board-and-train programs have similar problems, but on top of the aforementioned issues, your dog is being trained away from you. You aren’t learning as much as you could about the training process, and your dog is learning to listen to a stranger rather than to you, the person who will ultimately be caring for him and dealing with his behavior on a regular basis.

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So instead of trying these types of programs and potentially wasting time and money, try Longhorn Dog Training. We are the most effective solution in every category—training, cost, and time. We can be reached at 512.647.2130 or via e-mail.