Puppy Training Austin Texas Style!

Dogs make great additions to families. They can teach young kids responsibility and provide adults with companionship. Some choose to adopt an older dog, but many choose to adopt a puppy. Longhorn Dog Training’s Puppy Program is designed especially for owners of brand new puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger.

Why choose in-home training for you new puppy?

Puppies are small and any behavior problems they have seem small as a result. They may gnaw on hands or furniture, have accidents indoors, whine in their crate, jump on visitors, etc. But unless these problems are dealt with early, they’ll only grow with the dog. It’s best to work with a knowledgeable trainer to eradicate these issues while instilling the trust and respect necessary for a successful, long-term relationship.

This program is meant to tackle common and persistent problems found in puppies, but we also customize it to fit your needs. Is your puppy already housebroken? Great. There’s no need to delve into that part. Is he showing some signs of possessiveness? We’ll add it into the program. You and your trainer will work as a team to create a set of training goals pertinent to your lifestyle and your dog’s specific needs.

Creating a bond between puppy and owner

Every program, however, contains training for proper bonding between you and your puppy. This is achieved through basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, and structure. It’s important for your new puppy to view you as the pack leader, as the one person to be trusted and respected. As a result, he’ll take you more seriously. He’ll obey commands and understand what behavior is and is not acceptable. If this foundation is built early in the relationship, it makes it much easier to address new behavior problems that may appear as your dog grows.

It starts with a phone call. Call Longhorn Dog Training’s toll free number at 512.647.2130 or reach us by e-mail to discuss your puppy and schedule an in-home consultation.